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Tally Ho Theater
Leesburg, Virginia
February 21, 2020

By Jeff Taulton

Ancient alien theorists have predicted that very few screaming rock & roll bands, especially vocalists, from the early 1970s, would exist in the year 2020.   Well, well… There are those few exceptions, freaks of nature some would say that have proved them wrong!  Phil Mogg is among them. 
At 71, Mogg and his longtime band, UFO, are selling out venues all over the world on their “Last Orders 50th Anniversary Tour”.  Yeah, we’ve all heard that before, “This is our last tour, our last show, your last chance…” Mogg however, has made it very clear in official, genuinely sincere statements, “This is it.”

At a packed Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg, Virginia the group’s traditional bell chimed just a bit after 9PM and UFO came out hard and heavy with “Mother Mary” then “We Belong To The Night”.   The tone was literally set, the musical Gods were in alignment… this was going to be something special!

The 2020 lineup backing Mogg are no strangers to UFO fans or the world of rock & roll: Vinnie Moore (Guitar), Neil Carter (Keys / Guitar), Rob De Luca (Bass) and Andy Parker (Drums). 

The extremely powerful set continued riding the cosmic fence of Hard Rock verses Metal, with Moore shredding the way at supersonic speed.   The band was tight, the musical chemistry was salient and above all, Phil Mogg was spot on!

Just like a strong American football team, UFO pounded things to the next level for the second half into the final half-dozen tunes.   The intro to “Cherry Cherry” kicked the evening into overdrive while the enthusiastic, muti-generational crowd responded accordingly.

Just then, out of the heavens fell, “Love To Love”, a most powerful ballad that has been underappreciated by so many for so long.   UFO fans (AKA Space Cadets) are so happy that this beautiful masterpiece is part of the crowning launch.

The final presentations firmly sealed this electrified, melodious deal with “Too Hot To Handle”, Rock Bottom”, “Doctor Doctor” and “Shoot Shoot”.  

UFO will conclude their American tour real soon in Florida, before trekking to South America then, back to Europe.   The legendary rock band have enjoyed a very knowledgeable, dedicated following in the United States for nearly fifty years.  Mogg, “The voice of UFO”, is no question one of the most enduring, unique vocalists in Rock & Roll history.  ~ AMR

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                      UFO  (Photos by Jeff Taulton)

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